& Development

FARMAK excels in developing pharmaceutical products across various therapeutic areas. Our extensive capabilities encompass the creation of new products, along with proficiency in validation, stability assessment, documentation, and transfers.


Intricate medicines
in pipeline


New launches
every year

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Aprox. annual R&D investment

R&D complex comprises 12 laboratories and 1 pilot site, featuring specialized units. Currently, we are advancing the development of around 100 complex medications, launching up to 20 new drugs annually.

API synthesis

Biotechnological API
synthesis laboratory

Molecular and cellular
biotech laboratory for
personalised medicine

4 diversified analytical

5 technological laboratories
for different domains

Bringing innovations
to life

FARMAK’s R&D capabilities covering the entire product development lifecycle. This includes advanced formulation, manufacturing processes, and detailed analytical procedures for a variety of release forms. Our approach combines reliability with innovation, ensuring we deliver trustworthy and effective healthcare solutions.

Simple oral dosage forms

  • Immediate release tablets
  • Orodispersible and chewable tablets
  • Oral solutions
  • Suspensions

Complex solid dosage forms

  • Extended-Release products
  • Multilayer tablets
  • Multiparticulate system
  • Soft gelatin capsules

Transdermal formulations

  • Ointments
  • Gels

Simple sterile liquids

  • Vials
  • Ampoules
  • Pre-filled syringes

Complex injectables

  • Lyophilized
  • Extended-release injectables/Injectable suspensions
  • Non-aqueous formulations
  • Emulsions
Additionally, FARMAK's capabilities extend to :
  • Validation of manufacturing and analytical procedures/methods,
  • Stability testing and execution of official stability batches,
  • Documentation generation required for drug product registration.

Seamless project transfers to TechTransfer Centers and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs)


Barcelona, Spain

Complex generics development

Kyiv, Ukraine

Wide range products development across diverse therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, central nervous system, anti-infective, diabetes, etc.